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Get to Know Me

Born in Epsom, England and raised in both Tokyo and Perth, Maxwell started his film journey watching his mother take photos of the beautiful landscapes of Japan, and started by shooting photos on that same DSLR, before realising that film is a much more vast industry then he thought. He started to edit back in high school in 2017 and has been doing it ever since.

Based in Perth, Western Australia, Maxwell is an award-winning editor specialising in video editing. He started studying film during his undergrad at Curtin University, later completing his master's at the WA Screen Academy (in one year), both specialising in editing. The films Maxwell likes to make are strong, powerful films that inspire, challenge and emote.

Maxwell has created and can create;

  • Corporate Videos

  • Weddings

  • Drama Films and TV

  • Documentaries

  • Sports Reels

Maxwell has won the following awards;

  • Excellence in Editing at the WA Screen Academy

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